Suspension of play....

The problem with golf at this time of year is that there is generally nothing worth writing about - Majorca is long behind us and months ahead of us. Instead, all we Thugs members have in common at the moment is the sweep we are running on how many weeks it will be before Ashey is allowed out again. As I write, Ashey and Caz have just become the proud parents of Oliver Lawrence and are about to find out their lives have effectively ended. Caz will be forever tied to the washing machine (Certainly not the bed posts anymore!), and Ashey will be able to join the seniors competition by the time he gets his next game of golf. Luck is always a major factor in golf, and it appears Quent has had little of it lately, and I don’t mean on the course. In fact, that has been his problem - getting on the course. A couple of weeks ago he cancelled a work related round due to a bad weather forecast, which as usual turned out to be completely wrong and the day was a perfect one. He then rearranged it for last Wednesday, which turned out to be too wet for the course to be open. Never mind, there’s still the usual Friday knock with myself - that is until the only appointment he could get for some tests was on Friday afternoon. Fortunately for myself it was the driest afternoon for a fortnight, and also the first Friday that Graham has managed to get out for quite a few months so we enjoyed a good afternoon’s golf. At around 2 O’clock I suddenly sensed someone doing a rain dance from afar - sorry Quent it didn’t work!! I enjoy playing golf with Graham, he is an exception to the rule and proves all those women wrong who say that men can’t do two things at once. Here is a bloke who can belch, stand on one leg, fart, push his drive seventy yards out of bounds and shout “Oh F***” all at the same time. That girls, is a real man. I am now off to buy a new putter. The pro at Werneth has got some fabulous deals on TaylorMade putters at the moment, and loaned me one on test. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anywhere near as good as my current one with regard to flight path and distance when thrown in anger. I’m very particular about this, you know.

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