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A prize every time...

As predicted, Jim Wilson joined in the Friday knock this week for his annual pre-Majorca practice round. Despite carving some new bunkers out of Werneth’s fairways he had still managed to accumulate 29 stableford points with three holes to play (Not a bad effort for someone who has only played twice this year), but in true Thugs style he finished the round with 29 points - 27 if you count the penalty for playing from the wrong side of the gully. Due to the fact that nobody had played particularly well it would appear that either one of three things was happening; a) A suspiciously coincidental bad day for everyone, b) Every one was keeping their cards to their chests and didn’t want to reveal anything before Majorca, or more likely c) Jim dragged everyone down to his level. The following morning, Derek reached the 18th in Werneth’s Medal comp on a gross 61. A nice steady par would have meant a reduction in Mr Ashford’s handicap just before Majorca - amazingly he took a nine to bring him over par and avoid losing shots. Far be it from me to suggest underhanded tactics are taking place..... Bob treated us to his presence on Friday night and reminded us just what we can expect in Magalluf. After much rocking back and forth, he took exception to the type of music the DJ in Walkabout was playing and gave him his opinion via a series of obscene hand gestures. Exit stage left before any offence was taken. My suggestion is that the lowest scorer every day in Majorca has to look after Bob.

Take a look at the photo attached to this article. The writing on the jacket and trophy tells you that Graham is the winner of the Spring Inn Cup 2006. According to Graham this deserves a mention on this site as it is the first time a member of Thugs has won the trophy. Graham is quite rightly proud of this achievement and our congratulations are in order. By the same token, I would also like to congratulate Jim Wilson for his Cycling Proficiency Award, Ashey for his 10 metre Swimming Badge and Quent for his Scout’s award for tent-making.

Well done all.

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