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Real Bendinat

Monday 27/09/2021

12:30 pm

Our Mallorca week begins at the popular but challenging Bendinat golf course, where tight fairways and dense trees feature prominently, and could make the difference between a good round and a very, very poor one. Blind holes, cart paths, and occasional water hazards all add to the difficulty, however birdie chances are still available on a handful of holes.

A good start to the week will be made by a small number of our members, with the winning score being tightly challenged, but there will also be one or two coming off the eighteenth hole wondering where they went wrong - after suffering the effects of the many hazards here.

Careful and risk-free shots can prove beneficial.




11:30 am

Maioris will prove a difficult course to follow Bendinat - especially for those who are playing catch up after a tough first day. This is a tight, hilly track that takes stamina and a good aim, and is always a stern test of golf. It's a fairly tough course that none of us know particularly well, and will spring a few surprises.

With a few blind holes, quite a bit of water, and some unforgiving slopes, the secret is simply consistent careful golf - which counts most of us out!

This is a pretty and interesting course which most will thoroughly enjoy, but it will ultimately prove to be a test of mental and physical endeavour. Winning scores in the low thirties are expected, and little change in the Pink Jacket order should be expected.

Santa Ponsa



11:36 am

A long but reasonably fair course awaits us on the third day, and bones will start to become tired. Today will see the toughest day so far physically, and energy will play a big part in determining any changes to the leaderboard.

Santa Ponsa has some tricky approaches, and a few greens that are difficult to read. High scores are rarely seen here, though there are a couple of decent birdie opportunities.

By now we will see who is in contention for the Pink Jacket, and Santa Ponsa will have been very instrumental in the placings.

Son Quint



11:34 am

After a days' break we visit what is probably the fairest course on the island. Son Quint has good birdie opportunities, and some reasonably wide fairways, however there are still one or two holes that could get in the way of the Pink Jacket - particularly so now that the course has had a few holes redesigned that we haven't had chance to get used to yet.

Anybody going into this round in a decent position on the leaderboard can afford to open their shoulders a little on some of the holes, and enjoy the course. There are ample opportunities to make amends for any errors off the tee.

The final holes are all good for points, and fatigue shouldn't be a real issue here. Expect very little change in the shape of the leaderboard.

Son Termes



11:30 am

The final day will quite possibly produce a tidal change in the leaderboard standings. Son Termes is a beautiful, interesting and exciting course, but can easily cause a good position to turn incredibly sour.

With the exception of a couple of unusually impressive rounds in recent years, big winning scores are rarely seen, and collapses are the norm. There have been changes to some holes in recent years, with more water being added, and tree growth has seen some fairways narrowed. 

Straight, controlled strikes are the order of the day on both the initial holes, and also some of the later ones - and could be the difference between wearing the Pink Jacket or wearing the bridesmaid dress.

This is a gorgeous course, but going into this last round with a marginal lead here could ruin a solid week with just a few errant shots.